about us

It's been a long road since January 2019. That's when we first applied for a lottery submission into opening a cannabis retail store.
After we weren't chosen in the lottery we were finally given access to formally apply in January 2020.
At this time there were no stores in Angus, Ontario listed as having submitted an application. Then more than a year and a half after this we were finally given the opportunity to open our doors in October 2021.

There were many delays but the most important thing is that we are now open! It's only up from here!

Since the time we submitted our first application 2 years ago we always chose the same location for our store - Angus, Ontario.
Ever since moving to Angus in 2008 we've loved the community and all of Simcoe County - from the local people that grew up here to our new neighbours trickling in over the past few years. Angus has a bright future and we are blessed and excited to be apart of the community.

We frequently visited Orillia ever since moving here

Our first store opened in Angus (165 Mill Street Unit 2, Angus, Ontario, L0M 1B2). Our second store opened in Orillia (190 Memorial Avenue Unit 3, Orillia, ON, L3V 5X6).

Uplift Cannabis is the ultimate cannabis store experience. We combine the best value, the most extensive cannabis selection, the largest variety of accessories, and in our opinion, the best designed stores!

The in-store experience at Uplift Cannabis has an inviting atmosphere with a focus on positivity and acceptance. Customers can feel free to shop for themselves or with the assistance of friendly and knowledgeable staff. Everyone from new users to cannabis connoisseurs are sure to enjoy the Uplift Cannabis experience!

We are also proudly locally owned and operated! We strive to support all our local communities while also providing stable, enjoyable, and fulfilling employment. Please reach out if we can help in any way. Whether you shop online or in-store we promise you will not be let down!